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Brand New 4330

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Brand New 2549

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Amel at EXPO 2015

Oct 17, 2015


Nosedo Milan Est Depurator

Nosedo Milan Est Depurator



Last October, Amel has partecipated to the EXPO 2015 project dedicated to bio-film, bacteria generated, elelectricity.

Inside the “Luce Bioelettrica” project, born from the cooperation of Regione Lombardia, Milano Depur, Elettromar Engineering, RSE researchers from University degli Studi di Milano, Amel has developed the electronic board capable to recover the low-energy level produced by bacteria for feeding electrochemical sensors (such as Redox, Ph and so on…).

In that occasion Mrs. Cristiani, coordinator of the project, had the pleasure to summarize the benchmarks experimented from  “Nosedo Milano Est ” depurator, with great satisfaction of all participants and partners.



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Our products in evidence

2550 - 2551 - 2553 - Potentiostat Galvanostat

2550, 2551, 2553The brand new 255X series has been designed to redefine the standards in the legendary, 50-years-old, Amel experience in Potentiostat prototyping. Its reliability and performance make this set of tools the perfect choice for the most demanding users in the electrochemical research.
All models ( 2550, 2551, 2553 ) offer several new features which makes it very attractive for high research laboratories: Positive Feedback control, fast transient response, Current auto-ranging or manually, iR compensation, Current mode interrupt, Built-in frequency response analyzer providing fully integrated DC and EIS analysis – 10μHz to 1MHz.

Detection AD

amperometric detection

PD potentiometric detection
PAD pulsed amperometric detection,
DSA double step amperometry
DSV double step potentiometry
MSA multi-step amperometry
MSV multi-step potentiometry
Voltammetry CYV cyclic voltammetry
LSV linear scan voltammetry
ACV alternate current voltammetry
NPV normal pulse voltammetry
DNV differential normal pulse voltammetry
DPV differential pulse voltammetry
DAV differential alternate pulse voltammetry
SWV square wave voltammetry
GCY galvanic cyclic voltammetry
GLV galvanic linear scan voltammetry
Stripping ACS alternate current stripping
DPS differential pulse stripping
LSS linear scan stripping
SWS square wave stripping
DAS differential stripping
DNS normal differential pulse stripping
PSA potentiometric stripping analysis
CCSA constant current stripping analysis


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4330/P - Potentiostat-Galvanostat + Polarographic Analyzer

A Brand new “one size fits all” tool

4330Pfoto433IU_sThe Polarographic Analyzer Model 4330/P combines two instruments for electrochemical trace analysis of heavy metals in organic compounds.
Thank to the electronic evolution AMEL have combines both voltammetric and polarographic techniques with Potentiometric ones (PSA Potentiometric stripping analysis)
In this way it is now possoible to select the most appropriate technique to carry out the analysis. With Model 4330/P you may perform analysis of heavy metals in organic compounds at μg/l. level. The instrument is supplied with Windows® software.

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