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From Amel to ZPulse

Feb 03, 2018

AMEL has developed is own Frequency Responce Analyser, the brand new Z-PULSE model 2700.

Z-PULSE, connected to potentiostat of 255 line enhances perfromance of our poteniostat allowing new applications:

Battery and Materials Testing
• Investigation and characterization of supercapacitors and rechargeable batteries.
• Corrosion studies.
• Development of high-performance metal films.
• Characterization of semiconducting materials.
• Quality control in material and electronic industry.

• Characterization of biosensors and active molecular sites.
• Energy storage and electrochemical conversion.
• Basic electrochemistry of rechargeable batteries.
• Corrosion and corrosion protection.

Our products in evidence

2559 - Portable Potentiostat – Galvanostat

The potentiostat Model 2559, newest instrument of the potentiostats Amel series, can operate both as potentiostat that galvanostat with 9 current range, from 1 nA to 100 mA fs, and is particularly suited for ultra sensitive measurements, where currents are very low in the pico Ampere order or for field measurements due to its portability.

  1. It can be powered either by the powerline, with an appropriate power supply, or by a 12 V battery
  2. Built in an aluminum container which makes it particularly rugged.
  3. Given its small footprint is easily transportable so it can also be used for measurements in the field.
  4. It can be easily closed in the Faraday cage for very sensitive measures to interference of the power line.
  5. It can be connected to the PC via USB cable and thanks to the new VApeak software, has the ability to make different types of measures for both the electrochemical (batteries, electrode materials, corrosion) that electroanalysis (quantitative analysis for standard additions or with external standard).
  6. Possibility of performing impedance measurements using appropriate external interface specification
Detection AD amperometric detection
PD potentiometric detection
PAD pulsed amperometric detection,
DSA double step amperometry
DSV double step potentiometry
Voltammetry CYV cyclic voltammetry
LSV linear scan voltammetry
ACV alternate current voltammetry
NPV normal pulse voltammetry
DNV differential normal pulse voltammetry
DPV differential pulse voltammetry
DAV differential alternate pulse voltammetry
SWV square wave voltammetry
GCY galvanic cyclic voltammetry
GLV galvanic linear scan voltammetry
Stripping ACS alternate current stripping
DPS differential pulse stripping
LSS linear scan stripping
SWS square wave stripping
DAS differential stripping
DNS normal differential pulse stripping
PSA potentiometric stripping analysis
CCSA constant current stripping analysis

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Bundle System - ThinCorr

thincorrThinCorr: think local, be versatile

In many metal corruption analysis scenarios, extracting small samples of material from large components and bringing to the laboratory is simply impossible. In such situations measurements on site become the only option. Since the advent of very precise miniaturized electrochemical cells, Amel has developed his own on-site system, called ThinCorr, designed to get the same performance of a complete laboratory set, wherever you need.

A unique bundle for a double convenience

ThinCorr includes a miniaturized cell – EC Minicell – designed to perform localized electrochemical investigations on surface areas of the order of mm2. thincorrThe test component is the 2556 Amel Portable Potentiostat, designed on purpose to pair the EC MiniCell features.

Nice ’n easy to work with

The miniaturized cell has been designed in a way that the electrolyte can flow in proximity of the working electrode, avoiding concentration gradients and the corresponding polarizations. Within the body of the EC Minicell there are channels that allow the flow of the electrolyte and that contain a counter electrode and a reference electrode. At the nozzle of the cell there is a gasket that delimits the area of the working electrode, when the EC Minicell is pressed against a metallic surface. ThinCorr system is driven by a proprietary software via personal laptop.

Performance you’ll simply adore

  • EC Minicell is a miniaturized, resistant, handy, and complete electrochemical cell suitable for localized electrochemical measurements.
  • Measurements are carried out with the electrolytic solution flowing from the reservoir to the WE and then back to the reservoir in a closed circuit loop. Fluid flow favors the removal of reaction products from the WE region.
  • There are not specific constraints on the types of electrochemical tests that can be performed, e.g. cyclic voltammetry, coulometry, and localized electrodeposition, thanks to the 2556 dedicated Potentiostat.
  • ThinCorr is a handy, trustable and versatile instrument for a variety of electrochemical measurements.


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