2549 - Potentiostat-Galvanostat

brand new 2549

2549: Price and Performance

Performative, flexible and affordable !

The AMEL Model 2549 comes out to complete the new line of AMEL potentiostats.

This Potentiostat has been conceived to give a good compromise in price and application, allowing to  perform both simple test and classical electrochemical measurements.

Model 2549 is supplied complete with AMELSCOPE software that allows to perform static techniques:  potentiostatic, galvanostatic, chrono amperometry  chrono potentiometry, chrono coulometry, OCV.

An additional software Voltascope  (to be purchased separately) allows also dynamic techniques: voltammetry, linear scan, tafel, RP and staircase..

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Technical Specifications:

Counter Electrode
Voltage output ±20 V
Current output ±1.2 A max
Slew Rate > 10 V / µS
Protection full thermal, overload and short-circuit protected
Working Electrode
Current measure 1A-100nA Full Scale in 8 ranges
Current resolution From 200 µA at 1 A F.S. to 200 pA at 100 nA F.S.
Measuring accuracy 0.2 % +/- 0.1% f.s.
Reference Electrodes
Input impedance > 1 Tohm
Input capacitance < 20 pF (with 1 m cable)
Biasing current < 10 pA @ 25 C°
Common mode rejection > 50 dB full frequency response
Common mode voltage range ± 20 V
input BNC Outer contact grounded
Polarisation capabilities
Voltage ±10 V
Current ±1.0 A
Voltage resolution 200 µV
Max Current resolution 200 pA
Accuracy ± (0.2% +0.1% F.S.) worst case
Electrochemical Techniques
Polarisation sweep Ramp, staircase, triangle, square wave
(with voltascope software upon on request)
Response Time
Potentiostatic mode 10  µs resistive load (100 Ohm)
Galvanostatic mode 200 µs resistive load (100 Ohm)
Meters and Interface
Voltmeters & Ampere meters ± 25000 counts 20% overload allowed
Temperature meter -20 + 100 °C with Pt 1000 probes 0.1°C resolution 0.2°C accuracy
Sampling Rate 100 readout / sec (included data transmission)
Digital Interface USB with full instrument control
Cell Connections
Electrodes 2, 3, 4 electrodes with guard
Power Supply and Size
Voltage Mains 115 / 230 V ranges (+/- 10%)
Power consumption 40 VA max
Size and Weight 380 x 430 x 90 mm (L x W x H) Kg 8 (rack mount brackets excluded)

Accessories and replacement parts:

Polarisation Cells for corrosion testing (ASTM Compliant):

Universal Cells for general purpose electrochemical measurements such as polarography, corrosion, cathodic, desbounding etc :

Fully programmable via computer with Voltascope software

In addition to these specific accessories, a complete rage of standard and selective electrodes is available from Amel.