7030 - High Impedance Adapter

7030 + 7200 = Your Window over the dielectric world.

A growing family of materials and products, like paintings, plastic films, ionic conductors, thin layer oxides and resins aims at higher sensitivity at high impedance in the EIS investigation field. Only the availability of a complete range of instruments and accessories specifically developed for the purpose can guarantee a reliable measure.

At AMEL we faced the problem using our long timed experience both in general purpose equipment and in specifically designed instruments and accessories, in order to offer the most complete measuring chain in the market today.

The model 7030 is a measuring interface capable of analysis of items well in the 1011Ohm range with a high frequency guard system able to keep your sensitivity up to the tip of your sample holder in a 1200 C° oven.

The unit, coupled with the 7200 FRA and the powerful Zassist software, is able to perform accurate 2-electrodes measures in the 100 uHz – 2 MHz range.

complete set of matched accessories, like the 696 1200 C° controlled atmosphere sample holder and the 697 1200 C° oven, allow the user to perform state of the art research with consistent results.

Use our experience to forget about technical problems and concentrate to the results !

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Technical Specifications:

Operating Mode Reference resistor impedance measuring system
Frequency Range DC - 2.0 MHz
Cell Connection
Measuring Config. 2 electrodes integral guarding (3 electrodes optional)
Voltage Range +/- 10 V DC+pkAC
Input BNC Outer contact guarded + ground banana receptacle
Reference resistors
Ranges 200 Ohm – 2 Gohm in 8 decade ranges
Output Capacitance < 0.2 pF
Leakage impedance vs ground > 1014 Ohm // 2 pF
Electrometer Input
Voltage Range +/- 10 V DC+pkAC
Input Impedance - Capacitative Part < 5 pF (with 1 m cable)
Input Impedance - Resistive Part > 1012 Ohm
Input bandwidth > 8 MHz (-3 db)
Voltage +/- 10 V DC+pkAC
Current +/-100 mA at +/- 12 V compliance
Voltage res. 10 mV DC – 2 mV AC
Output Bandwidth > 20 MHz
Measure Performances
Uncompensated DC & AC accuracy 1 % DC up to 1 Gohm 5 % AC up to 500 KHz 100 pF
Compensated DC & AC accuracy 0.2 % DC up to 20 Gohm 1 % AC up to 1 MHz / 10 pF
Max. Impedance Range (compensated) Up to 5x1011 Ohm // 10 pF 1 MHz with 5 % modulus, 10° phase accuracy at cable end
Meters and Interface
Vector Voltmeter Through the 7200 FRA unit
Sampling Rate FRA: frequency dependent Temperature 1/sec max
Digital Interface USB and RS 232 with full instrument control and output for the 7200 FRA control
Power Supply and Size
Voltage Mains 115 / 230 V ranges (+/- 10%)
Power Consumption 20 VA max
Size and weight 400 x 430 x 90 mm (L x W x H) Kg 3 (rackmount brackets excluded)