7200 - Frequency Response Analyser

7200 Frequency Response AnalyserOpen the door to a deeper knowledge of your samples

A modern electrochemical laboratory is facing very different situations and tasks. The Impedance Spectroscopy technique greatly expands the application range of electrochemical measures and helps in defining the dynamical behaviour of reactions as well as identifying the relative contribution of two or more concurrent phenomena.

The AMEL 7200 Frequency Response Analyser covers all the features needed in the field and constitutes, together with our new or old potentiostats, a powerful setup at a very reasonable price.
With a wide frequency coverage (1mHz – 2 MHz) and accuracy (up to 0.1% amplitude, 0.05deg) the 7200 FRA accomplishes the most difficult tasks in electrochemistry today in electrochemistry today. The instrument is easily controlled through a windows-based software that is supplied with the instrument, and allows the managing of multiple runs and complex experimental sequences.

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Technical Specifications:

Frequency Range 1 mHz – 2.4 MHz (sine 1 MHz other waveforms)
Accuracy ± 0.1 % of the desired frequency
Voltage Range ± 10 V DC+pkAC
Input Channels
Number 2
Voltage Range From 10 mV to 500 V f.s in 11 step
Input Impedance 1 Mohm // 30 pF
Insulation ± 500 V from ground and differential
Output Channel
Voltage Output ± 10 V to ± 10 mV peak+DC
Output Impedance 50 Ohm ± 10%
DC Offset ± 10 V
DAC Resolution 16 bits
Waveforms Sine, triangle, sawtooth, square/pulse
Output BNC Outer contact grounded
Pulse Capabilities
Repetition Rate 10 mHz to 1 MHz
Pulse Width 200 nS to 10 S
Time Resolution 50 nS
Analysis Techniques
Gain/phase Meter Impedance (through a potentiostat), transfer function
Accuracy Up to 0.1 % amplitude; 0.05° phase
Selective Level Meter Fixed, double or sweep (spectrum analysis)
Analysis Options
Integration Time Three position averaging time
Harmonic Analysis Look at the harmonic produced by the system
Frequency bands In DFT mode 100, 24,3 Hz filter BW
Sampling Techiques DFT analysis with 14 bit A/D up to 800 Ksamples/second
Digital Interface USB and RS 232 with full instrument control
Power Supply and Size
Voltage Mains 115 / 230 V ranges (+/- 10%)
Power Consumption 90 VA max
Size and weight 400 x 430 x 135 mm (L x W x H) Kg 12 (rackmount brackets excluded)