A wide production line, a unique legendary quality.

product line

Amel has been producing sofisticated instruments for professional research and laboratories since 1958. Product range envolves several fields of applications eccetera eccetera (to be continued and perfectioned…).

To get full details on the whole production line, please explore the detailed products menu.

Electrochemistry Instruments

  • Microprocessor-based laboratory potentiostats for routine and advanced research
  • Full range of ancillary equipment to help in difficult measuring tasks
  • Portable units for “in-situ” tests
  • High power units for renewable energy research and production test

Analysis Instruments

  • Trace analyser for pollutant
  • Polarography equipment for metal detection to ppb levels
  • Computer driven instruments with analisys software
  • full line of special electrodes

Laboratory measuring instruments

  • Ph, conductivity, oxigen, ion measuring instruments
  • Field-tested reliability for everyday use
  • Robust construction and easy maintenance

Environment-quality water analysis

  • Multiple parameters sensors
  • Selective electrodes on specific tasks
  • Highly reliable operations
  • Operation down to 200 m water level
  • Measure-and-go or fixed stations
  • Datalogger units, process control units, GSM connected remote stations

Glassware, electrodes and accessories

  • ASTM cell glassware, polarography cells, magnetic stirrers
  • High temperature (1200 C°) sample holders and ovens for ceramics/new materials research
  • Full range of electrodes for laboratory and in-field applications
  • Miniaturised versions for special applications
  • Custom instruments and on-demand versions

Amel Software

  • Corrassyst
  • Voltascope
  • Zscope
  • VA-peack  Voltammetric   software for analytical chemist
  • Specific software for Tracescan, 433, acquamaster and more…
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