A long on-field experience for a better commitment

custom projectingAt Amel we can guarantee full project developement, from concept to production in the laboratory and process instrumentation, from testing procedures to product validation. Technology research for specific tasks, with the availability of Universities’ labs and experts help.

During the years customers have appreciated our ability to translate the laboratory experience into a field-applied instrument.

Following a short list of examples in different fields: let us know your needs even for low- to mid quantities productions. For higher numbers, a well proven structure is ready to fit your specs and budget!

To know more about engineering services, please write to:

Some examples

Electrochemistry 1/4 Din panel mount conductivity meter/regulator
Glassware customer-specified high temperature (1200 C&Mac176;) sample holder with thickness control
Software water analysis management software through GSM link to in-field logging units
Analysis Automatic sampling system for trace analysis on industrial waste water
Electrochemistry in-line quality control on automotive sensors through Impedance spectroscopy techniques
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