& Facilities

Solid-ground Reliability

AMEL’s main labs & facilities are placed in Milano city, easily reachable by car, by train and plane (the site is nearest Linate Airport).

Production and final test lines are equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation. Quality is also assured by ISO 9001:2000 registered certification and Visio 2000 certification.

The Staff deploys 20 well-trained technicians, 5 in the Research and Development deparment, with in-house chemistry lab for methods developement.

AMEL is an active research partner of primary Italian Universities.

More facilities details

In-house chemical lab for testing new methods and application fields
Internal production facility with mechanical shop for customised parts
Glassware facility with custom-made capability
Environmental chambers for field deployable units tests
SIT-traceable measurements and calibration programs
Large special instruments database, collected in 40+ years of experience

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