Research has always been AMEL’s main focus.

voltammogrammnaAn active and on-going information exchange with the most respected and advanced scientific research laboratories, enables AMEL to maintain high production standards and to incorporate the most advanced technological solutions.

Our constant dedication to research has enabled the firm to anticipate and realize highly innovative applications; in fact, various measurements techniques and circuitry applications that are common today, actually originated in AMEL’s laboratories in Milan.

Main projects through the years

1964 oscillographic polarograph
1981 multifunctional, modular electrochemical system (system 5000)
2000 high performance reference electrodes
2001 high temperature sample holders
2002 thick film PSA electrodes
2003 dielectric constant measuring system
2003 quantitative localised impedance spectroscopy
2004 something new to add to this list
2009 something innovative more
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