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Portable Potentiostat – Galvanostat

Feb 03, 2018 

The potentiostat Model 2559, newest instrument of the potentiostats Amel series, can operate both as potentiostat that galvanostat with 9 current range, from 1 nA to 100 mA fs, and is particularly suited for ultra sensitive measurements, where currents are very low in the pico Ampere order or for field measurements due to its portability.

  1. It can be powered either by the powerline, with an appropriate power supply, or by a 12 V battery
  2. Built in an aluminum container which makes it particularly rugged.
  3. Given its small footprint is easily transportable so it can also be used for measurements in the field.
  4. It can be easily closed in the Faraday cage for very sensitive measures to interference of the power line.
  5. It can be connected to the PC via USB cable and thanks to the new VApeak software, has the ability to make different types of measures for both the electrochemical (batteries, electrode materials, corrosion) that electroanalysis (quantitative analysis for standard additions or with external standard).
  6. Possibility of performing impedance measurements using appropriate external interface specification
Detection AD amperometric detection
PD potentiometric detection
PAD pulsed amperometric detection,
DSA double step amperometry
DSV double step potentiometry
Voltammetry CYV cyclic voltammetry
LSV linear scan voltammetry
ACV alternate current voltammetry
NPV normal pulse voltammetry
DNV differential normal pulse voltammetry
DPV differential pulse voltammetry
DAV differential alternate pulse voltammetry
SWV square wave voltammetry
GCY galvanic cyclic voltammetry
GLV galvanic linear scan voltammetry
Stripping ACS alternate current stripping
DPS differential pulse stripping
LSS linear scan stripping
SWS square wave stripping
DAS differential stripping
DNS normal differential pulse stripping
PSA potentiometric stripping analysis
CCSA constant current stripping analysis
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From Amel to ZPulse

Feb 03, 2018 

AMEL has developed is own Frequency Responce Analyser, the brand new Z-PULSE model 2700.

Z-PULSE, connected to potentiostat of 255 line enhances perfromance of our poteniostat allowing new applications:

Battery and Materials Testing
• Investigation and characterization of supercapacitors and rechargeable batteries.
• Corrosion studies.
• Development of high-performance metal films.
• Characterization of semiconducting materials.
• Quality control in material and electronic industry.

• Characterization of biosensors and active molecular sites.
• Energy storage and electrochemical conversion.
• Basic electrochemistry of rechargeable batteries.
• Corrosion and corrosion protection.

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Frequency Response Analysis

Feb 03, 2018 

2700Why do we have developed 2700 Z-Pulse for electrochemical studies ?

Because the synergic combination, in a single instrument, of impedance spectroscopy (“Z”) with programmable, high-speed pulse and waveform generation (“pulse”) will open new and exciting possibility in electrochemistry.

Everything can be done with 2700/Z-Pulse and few mouse clicks: from battery characterization under real environmental conditions to complex pulse sequences for thin-film formation, from impedance spectra under potentiostatic or galvanostatic regime to fast voltammetry.

The new 2700 module with Z-Pulse software from AMEL connects  with the 255X series of AMEL Potentiostats as well as with most manual instruments.

Z-Pulse software is a very simple and friendly approach to modern electrochemistry. In fact, the 5-MHz sampling frequency will allow μs time resolution in pulse sequences and sinewave FRA up to 1 MHz.

All data can be saved in CVS format for further use.

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Feb 03, 2018 

thincorrThinCorr: think local, be versatile

In many metal corruption analysis scenarios, extracting small samples of material from large components and bringing to the laboratory is simply impossible. In such situations measurements on site become the only option. Since the advent of very precise miniaturized electrochemical cells, Amel has developed his own on-site system, called ThinCorr, designed to get the same performance of a complete laboratory set, wherever you need.

A unique bundle for a double convenience

ThinCorr includes a miniaturized cell – EC Minicell – designed to perform localized electrochemical investigations on surface areas of the order of mm2. thincorrThe test component is the 2556 Amel Portable Potentiostat, designed on purpose to pair the EC MiniCell features.

Nice ’n easy to work with

The miniaturized cell has been designed in a way that the electrolyte can flow in proximity of the working electrode, avoiding concentration gradients and the corresponding polarizations. Within the body of the EC Minicell there are channels that allow the flow of the electrolyte and that contain a counter electrode and a reference electrode. At the nozzle of the cell there is a gasket that delimits the area of the working electrode, when the EC Minicell is pressed against a metallic surface. ThinCorr system is driven by a proprietary software via personal laptop.

Performance you’ll simply adore

  • EC Minicell is a miniaturized, resistant, handy, and complete electrochemical cell suitable for localized electrochemical measurements.
  • Measurements are carried out with the electrolytic solution flowing from the reservoir to the WE and then back to the reservoir in a closed circuit loop. Fluid flow favors the removal of reaction products from the WE region.
  • There are not specific constraints on the types of electrochemical tests that can be performed, e.g. cyclic voltammetry, coulometry, and localized electrodeposition, thanks to the 2556 dedicated Potentiostat.
  • ThinCorr is a handy, trustable and versatile instrument for a variety of electrochemical measurements.


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A complete ThinCorr System

May 15, 2017 

ThinCorr is a brand new system able to evolve the power of EC mini cells on localized electrochemical measurements of thickness/corrosion.

it is a portable and easy-to-use device system, offering a quick and reliable response on thickness and corrosion for metals and coatings. With ThinCorr you can run on-site operation directly on site, wherever you are. ThinCorr system is drived by a proprietary software via personal laptop.

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EC MiniCell

Nov 27, 2016 

EC MinicellThe EC MiniCell by Amel is a miniaturized electrochemical cell for localized tests onto small surface areas (diameter from 0.5 mm to 3 mm; other diameters on request).


  • Thickness measurements by coulometric technique
  • Electroplating tests
  • Corrosion tests (EIS, potentiodynamic polarization,…)


  • Recirculating pump (membrane, peristaltic)
  • Power supply for pump
  • Stand for EC minicell
  • AMEL programmable potentiostat/galvanostat
  • USB microscope
EC MiniCell

EC MiniCell operative stand

EC minicell

EC MiniCell set kit

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Amel introduces EC MiniCell

Nov 26, 2016 

EC MIniCell is Here!

Amel is proud to announce a brand new tool for micro precision measurement: EC MiniCell, an innovative product developed in partnership with NanoMaterials.

EC minicellAt the core of this new product, available with a complete kit set and accessories, is a miniaturized electrochemical cell for localized tests onto small surface areas (diameter from 0.5 mm to 3 mm; other diameters on request). the EC MiniCell is a perfect solution for any thickness measurements using coulometric technique, for electroplating tests and corrosion tests such as EIS, potentiodynamic polarization, and more…

EC MiniCellPlenty of useful optional accessories are also available:

Recirculating pump (membrane, peristaltic)
Power supply for pump
Stand for EC minicell
AMEL programmable potentiostat/galvanostat
USB microscope



More info and details to come

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Galvanostat for electrolysis

Jul 23, 2012 

Better quality, improved performance

2547 photoThe introduction of the AMEL Model 2547 Galvanostat completes the new line of AMEL 2000 series in struments.  The Model 2547 Galvanostat was designed to perform electrogravimetric analysis for the determination of metal content in solution. The instrument is equipped with two displays to monitor the power and potential of the cell.

A third display is used to measure the time of polarization of the cell. The counter electrode at the center can run up to a maximum of 100 revolutions per minute to provide the required stirring to maintain a highly uniform metal deposition on the platinum gauze cathode. Thanks to the specific electronic circuitry, the current set remains constant, even with changes of the conductivity of the solution. The circuits are designed to work continuously and are well-protected against short circuits. The cabinet is ruggedly constructed of epoxy-painted steel and a polycarbonate film panel.

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Temperature – pH Meters

Jan 26, 2012 

The HD2105.1 and HD2105.2

are portable instruments with a large LCD display. They measure the pH and the redox potential (ORP) in mV. They measure the temperature using Pt100 or Pt1000 immersion, penetration or contact probes. The electrode calibration can be carried out on one, two or three points and the calibration sequence can be chosen from a list of 13 buffers. The temperature probes are equipped with an automatic recognition module and factory calibration data are stored inside.

The HD2105.2 is a datalogger. It stored up to 34,000 pH and temperature samples which can be transferred to a PC from the instrument connected via the multi-standard RS232C serial port and USB 2.0. The storing interval, printing, and baud rate can be configured using the menu.

The HD2105.1 and HD2105.2 models are fitted with an RS232C serial port and can transfer the acquired measurements in real time to a PC or to a portable printer. The Max, Min and Avg function calculate the maximum, minimum or average values.
Other functions include: the relative measurement REL, the Auto-HOLD function, and the automatic turning off that can also be excluded.

The instruments have IP67 protection degree.

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Dec 24, 2011 

The perfect companion for Amel Potentiostats

Juniorassist screenshotJuniorassist is the highly modular electrochemical experiments management software to be used with the 7000 and 2000 series (with Model 7800) potentiostats from AMEL.
The data are acquired and displayed in real-time up to 100 sample/s.

Download for Model 7050 (11704 kB)

Download for Model 7060 (11596 kB)

Download 7800 interface for Model 2049 (10536 kB)

Download 7800 interface for Model 2055 (10684 kB)

Download 7800 interface for Model 2059 (10420 kB)

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Reference Electrodes Series

Nov 14, 2011 

General Purpose Reference Electrodes

Model Description Solution dia
303/SCG/6 303Calomel Saturated Kcl refilling solution 6 110
303/SCG/6J 303scg6jCalomel with glass Joint Saturated Kcl refilling solution  6 110
303/SCG/12 303scg12Calomel Saturated Kcl refilling solution  12 120
303/SCG/12J 303scg12jCalomel with glass Joint Saturated Kcl refilling solution 12 120
363/SSG/12 Ag/AgCl (argenthal) 12 120
373/SSG/6 373-SSG-6Ag/AgCl 6mm 3mol/L Kcl refilling solution 6 110
373/SSG/6J 373-SSG-6JAg/AgCl with Joint 3mol/L Kcl refilling solution 6 110
373/SSG/12 373SSG12Ag/AgCl 12mm 3mol/L Kcl refilling solution 12 120
373/SSG/12J 373-SSG-12J_bisAg/AgCl with Joint 3mol/L Kcl refilling solution 12 120
383/SHG/12 383shg12Hg/HgSO4 12mm 0.5mol/L K2SO4 refilling solution  12 120
383/SHG/12J 383-SHG-12-JHg/HgSO4 with Joint Saturated K2SO4  refilling solution 12 120
383/SCU/12 383scu12Cu/CuSO4 12mm Saturated CuSO4  refilling solution 12 120
383/OHG/12 383ohg12Hg/HgO 12 mm 0.1 mol/L KOH  refilling solution 12 120
390/TCG/12 390tcg12Double bridge Calomel internal:
saturated Kcl refilling solution
saturated KNO3 refilling solution
12 120
390/TCG/12J Double bridge CalomelDouble bridge Calomel.
Suitable for use with all SENS-ION Mandatory
saturated Kcl refilling solution
saturated KNO3 refilling solution
12 120
391/CR 391cr  Adapter


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VA-Peak Software

Nov 12, 2011 

A multipurpose, versatile Voltammetric software for the analytical chemist

VA-peak_video1VA_peak is our software package designed for the new Amel4330 voltammetric analyzer.  Older  electroanalytical instruments (Amel 433) with USB/RS232 interface are supported. Especially designed by analytical chemists for analysts and chemists, VA_peak is the ideal solution for both routine and research work, combining ease-of-use with the most advanced analytical features :

  • All electrochemical (voltammetric, potentiometric, amperometric) techniques
  • Phase-selective, lock-in detection for ac voltammetry
  • pH and temperature measurement directly in the cell
  • Manual and Automatic modes of operation
  • Integrated data processing and analysis
  • Automatic peak / sigmoid and height / area detection
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Background subtraction
  • Linear and non-linear baselines
  • Advanced data treatment (math, integration/differentiation, spike removal, digital LP,BP,HP filters, smoothing functions)
  • Full control of external accessories (rotating disk electrodes, flow pumps, dispensers, etc.)
  • Data import from instruments of different company
  • All kind of electrodes allocated on a unique stand.

All features are already built-in; no external or optional modules are required for full operations!

VA-Peak_video2VA_peak is a brand new product and  is free of charge for registered Amel users. It is fully Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7 compatible; Linux and MacOS versions are under development.  Additional releases will be uploaded  and are available for registered customers.

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Oct 25, 2011 

Electrochemical Measurements Application

Voltascope video sampleVoltaScope, a product by Material Mates Italia, is an Electrochemical Measurements Software dedicated to manage, storing and plotting single or multiple experiments with an easy and intuitive man – machine interface, specifically designed to considering both the chemist and the engineer and includes all the common electrochemical techniques wrapped an intuitive graphical interface.
Born from a long time experience in electrochemistry, VoltaScope takes care for an real time monitoring screen, that allow the user to know all the important parameters that are running at that time together with the acquired data. The plotting section is dedicated to the presentation of clear and complete reports of data taken from one or more step of the experiment (sequencer).
The Exporting tool opens the doors of VoltaScope to interfacing to other common use programs.

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Dissolved Oxigen Accessories

Oct 22, 2011 


Model Description
332/P 332P Oxygen probe with thermometric sensor
Platinum/Silver electrode
332/PB 332PB Oxygen probe sensor
Silver/Lead electrode
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Conductivity Series

Oct 22, 2011 

Standard Cells for Conductivity

Model Picture Description dia
192 192 Standard Cell, glass body, Platinum electrode. 12 0,1
193 193 Moplen body, graphite rings electrode. Suited for pastes and mud. 90 1
196 196 Plastic body, Platinum electrode with thermo-sensor TC100. 0-80°C 12 1
2196 2196 Plastic body, Platiunm electrode with thermo-sensor PT1000. 0-80°C
197 197 Plastic body, Platinum electrode. 12 1
198 198 Glass body with 3-Platinum electrodes. Range: 0-200ms 12 1
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Redox Electrodes Series

Oct 22, 2011 

Combined Electrodes for Redox

Model Description dia
800/CSG/12 800csg12
Combined Ag/AgCl 12mm dia, 0-80°C
12 120
805/CPG/12 805cpg12
Combined Platinum Ag/AgCl
12 120
805/CPG/12R 805cpg12R
Combined Platinum Ring Ag/AgCl
12 120
391/CR 391CR
Conical Adapter
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Metallic Electrodes Series

Oct 22, 2011 

Counter Electrodes

Model Description dia
800/SSG/12 Silver 12mm dia, glass body 12 120
805/SPG/12 (*)

Platinum 12mm, glass body

12 120

Platinum Ring 12mm glass body

12 120

Platinum 6mm with joint NS6

6 120
880/TPG/12J Twin Point Platinum electrode for K.F. tiration with joint 12 120
(*) also available in 6mm dia, in 50mm lenght version and with Joints


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Thermometric Series

Oct 22, 2011 

Thermometric Probes and Sensors

Mdel Description dia
TC-100/A TC100-A
Thermometric probe, inox-steel body 0-100°C
6 110
TC-100 Tc100
Thermometric probe, glass body 0-100°C
12 120
TC-100/12/J TC100J
Thermometric probe, glass body 0-100°C + N12 Joints
12 120
PT-100 Pt100_1000
Platinum thermometric sensor, glass body 12 mm 0-100°C
12 120
PT-1000 new Pt100_1000
Platinum thermometric sensor, glass body 12 mm 0-100°C
12 120
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Solid Electrodes Series

Oct 22, 2011 

Miscellanea Tips

Model Descritpion
493 493 Universal electrode holder for all tips
492 492
492/GC/3 Glassy carbon tip 3mm dia
492/PG/3 Pyrolitic graphite tip 3mm dia
492/CU/3 Copper tip 3mm dia
492/CU/2 Copper tip 2mm dia
492/AG/1 Silver tip 1mm dia
492/AG/3 Silver tip 3mm dia
492/PT/1 Platinum tip 1mm dia
492/PT/2 Platinum tip 2mm dia
492/PT/3 Platinum tip 3mm dia
492/GO/1 Gold tip 1mm dia
492/GO/2 Gold tip 2mm dia
492/NI/3 Nickel tip 3mm dia
492/NI/6 Nickel tip 6mm dia
492/TI/3 Titanium tip 3mm dia
492/TI/6 Titanium tip 6mm dia
492/SP Special tips upon request
492/OR-2007 Replacement O-Ring for all tips

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pH Electrodes Series

Oct 21, 2011 

Glass and Combined Electrodes for pH

Model Description dia
211/SGG/12 211-SGG-12
Glass 0-14 pH, 0-80°C
12 120
211/SSG/12J 211sgg12j
Glass 0-14 pH, 0-80°C with N12 glass Joint
12 120
411/CGG/6 411cgg6
Combined Glass Ag/AgCl 0-14 pH, 0-80°C
6 110
Combined Glass Ag/AgCl 0-14 pH, 0-80°C with Joint
6 110
411/CGG/12 411cgg12
Combined Glass Ag/AgCl 0-14 pH, 0-80°C
12 120
401/PM3/12 Combined Glass Ag/AgCl with 3-frit 12 120
101L-DGSM Double junction pH electrode with majorated frit 12 120
391/CR 391crConical Adapter
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Ion Electrodes Series

Oct 21, 2011 

Standard Range Mono Ion Selective Electrodes

Model Description Concentration Lower
Temp. Main
201/NH4 Ammonium
1M-10-6M 0,02 0-50 K+=1,2×10-1,
11-13 4MLiAc
201/BA Barium
1M-5×10-6M 10 0-50 Na+=4×10-4,
5-9 4MLiAc
201/BR Bromide
1M-5×10-6M 0,4 0-80 I, S2-, CNmust
be absent,
2-12 5M
201/CD Cadmium
10-1-10-6M 0,2 0-80 Ag+, Hg2+,
3-7 5M
201/CA Calcium
1M-5×10-7M 0,02 0-50 Mg2+, Ba2+,
Pb2+, Zn2+, Na+
4-9 4MKCl
201/CL Chloride
1M-5×10-5M 1,8 0-80 Br, I, CN must
be absent,
S2-must be<10-7M
2-11 5M
201/CU Copper
1M-5×10-6M 0,3 0-80 S2-, Ag+, Hg2+
should be absent
Cl, Brinterfere
0-7 5M
201/CN Cyanide
10-2-10-6M 0,03 0-80 S2 must be
10-14 5M
201/F Fluoride
1M-5×10-7M 0,01 0-80 OH=10-1 5-8 TISAB
201/I Iodide
1M-10-7M 0,02 0-80 S2 must be
3-12 5M
201/PB Lead
10-1-5×10-6M 1,0 0-80 S2-, Ag+, Hg2+
should be absent,
Cd2+, Cu2+, Fe3+
0-9 5M
201/NO Nitrate
1M-5×10-6M 0,08 0-50 Cl, NO2, Br, SO42-,
F, ClO3, ClO4
3-10 1M
201/K Potassium
1M-10-6M 0,04 0-50 Na+, Ca2+, Rb+,
Mg2+, Cs+, NH4+
4-9 TEAC
201/AG Silver
1M-10-7M 0,01 0-80 S2-, Hg2+
must be absent
2-9 5M
201/NA Sodium
Sat.-10-6M 1ppb -5-+70 Li+, K+,
NH4+/Ag should
be absent
9-12 SISAB

Combination Ion Selective Electrodes

Model Description Concentration Lower
Temp. Main
201/NH4/CO Ammonium
0,5 – 5 x -10-5 9,000-0,9 0-50 K+, Na+ 0-8,5 CH3COOH
201/CA/CO Calcium
10-1 – 5 x 10-7 4,010 – 0,02 0-50 Ba++, Al+++, Sr++
3,5-11 KCL
201/CL/CO Chloride
1 – 3 x 10-6 35,500 – 1 5-50 I+, Br, CN, S 2-11 5M
201/F/CO Fluoride
10-1 – 1 x 10-6 1,900 – 0,02 5-50 OH 4-8 TISAB
201/NO/CO Nitrate
1 – 7 x 10-6 62,000 – 0,4 0-50 Cl, NO 2-11 4M
201/K/CO Potassium
1 – x 10-6 39,000 – 0,04 0-50 Cs+, NH4+ 1-9 TEAC
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Universal Cell

Oct 17, 2011 

Multi-purpose Cell with screwable cup and Moplen Head.

497This cell is particularly suited for general purpose electrochemical measurements such as polarography, corrosion, cathodic desbounding etc.

The Cell is composed by:


Model 499/GC Pyrex cup 70 ml


Model 497/MH Moplen head with 5 holes


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Three Electrodes Microcell

Oct 17, 2011 

Small Samples Microcell. Minimum capacity 2ml.


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Polarisation Cell for Disks or Flat Specimens

Oct 17, 2011 

599Suited for measurements on coated specimens in flowing or stirred solutions.

The design of this cell allows the solution to be vigorously stirred under the sample with the purpose to remove diffusion layer in research concerned with coated or painted samples.

Main body is a large glass container on which a cap with 4 ground joints is situated.

The sample holder is a large cylinder of acrylic resin with a screwable cap retaining the specimen through a calibrated O-RING which determines the exposed area.

Two Model 805/SPG/12J platinum electrodes grant enough field symmetry.

A Luggin capillary couples the reference electrode at the shortest distance. Replacement of specimen does not require exhausting of the cell. The Model 291/MAST stirrer is placed at middle bottom of the container thus granting reproducible stirring.

Part List of Model 599

Model Description Photograph
599/MB Main glass container, dia 150 mm 599MB
599/MR Upper cap – 4 ground joints 599MR
599/SH2 Matching Section 2 cm2 599SH
599/SH4 Matching Section 4 cm2
599/SH20 Matching Section 20 cm2
599/LU Special Luggin capillary 599LU
599/INOU Optional inlet – outlet
494/GB two-way gas bubbler 494GB
Model 599 cell is normally quoted with one screwable cap.
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Polarisation Cell for Disks of Flat Specimens

Oct 17, 2011 

Suited for measurements on plated specimens in unstirred solutions. Fitted with gas bubbler.

597The upper cap is fitted with 4 ground joints for electrodes or accessories.

Disks or flat specimens are locked between main body and a “matching section” the purpose of which is to determine the area of specimen under attack.

Tight-ness is granted by calibrated O-RINGS.

Counter electrode is introduced into central neck to face the specimen, while a Luggin capillary couples the reference electrode at the shortest distance from the specimen.

Gas bubbling or electrolyte circulation is available through inlet-outlet.

Part List of Model 597

Model Description Photo
597/1 Upper cap with 4 ground joints
597/MB Main body, acrylic resin 597-MB
597/SH-2 Matching section 2 cm2 597-SH2-4-20
597/SH-4 Matching section 4 cm2
597/SH-20 Matching section 20 cm2
597/4 Lower capi, acrylic resin
597/SH Sample holder
597/CH Stainless steel cell holder
494/GB Two-ways gas bubbler 494GB
597/INOU Optional inlet-outlet
597/LU Special Luggin capillary 597LU

Model 597 Cell is normally quoted with one matching section.

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