EC Mini EC MiniCell

The EC MiniCell by Amel is a miniaturized electrochemical cell for localized tests onto small surface areas (diameter from 0.5 mm to 3 mm; other diameters on request). Applications: Thickness measurements by coulometric technique Electroplating tests Corrosion tests (EIS, potentiodynamic polarization,…) Optionals: Recirculating pump (membrane, peristaltic) Power supply for pump Stand for EC minicell AMEL […]

598PTN Plexiglas cell

Plexiglas Cell for cathodic disbonding

598 Cell for electrolysis

Cell for electrolysis two electrodes

498 Cell for electrolysis

Cell for electrolysis two electrodes

430/MC Microcell for small volumes

Microcell for measurements in small volumes

433/UC Voltammetric Cell

Voltammetric Cell for measurements with solid electrodes

497 Universal Cell

Universal Cell for multi-purpose voltammetric applications

495 Three Electrodes Microcell

Three Electrodes Microcell

599 Polarisation Cell for Disks or Flat Specimens

Suited for measurements on coated specimens in flowing or stirred solutions. The design of this cell allows the solution to be vigorously stirred under the sample with the purpose to remove diffusion layer in research concerned with coated or painted samples. Main body is a large glass container on which a cap with 4 ground […]

597 Polarisation Cell for Disks of Flat Specimens

Polarization Cell for Disks or Flat Specimens

595 Polarisation Cell for Corrosion Testing

Polarisation Cell for Corrosing Testing