A complete ThinCorr System

May 15, 2017 

ThinCorr is a brand new system able to evolve the power of EC mini cells on localized electrochemical measurements of thickness/corrosion.

it is a portable and easy-to-use device system, offering a quick and reliable response on thickness and corrosion for metals and coatings. With ThinCorr you can run on-site operation directly on site, wherever you are. ThinCorr system is drived by a proprietary software via personal laptop.

Amel introduces EC MiniCell

Nov 26, 2016 

EC MIniCell is Here!

Amel is proud to announce a brand new tool for micro precision measurement: EC MiniCell, an innovative product developed in partnership with NanoMaterials.

EC minicellAt the core of this new product, available with a complete kit set and accessories, is a miniaturized electrochemical cell for localized tests onto small surface areas (diameter from 0.5 mm to 3 mm; other diameters on request). the EC MiniCell is a perfect solution for any thickness measurements using coulometric technique, for electroplating tests and corrosion tests such as EIS, potentiodynamic polarization, and more…

EC MiniCellPlenty of useful optional accessories are also available:

Recirculating pump (membrane, peristaltic)
Power supply for pump
Stand for EC minicell
AMEL programmable potentiostat/galvanostat
USB microscope



More info and details to come

Amel at EXPO 2015

Oct 17, 2015 


Nosedo Milan Est Depurator

Nosedo Milan Est Depurator



Last October, Amel has partecipated to the EXPO 2015 project dedicated to bio-film, bacteria generated, elelectricity.

Inside the “Luce Bioelettrica” project, born from the cooperation of Regione Lombardia, Milano Depur, Elettromar Engineering, RSE researchers from University degli Studi di Milano, Amel has developed the electronic board capable to recover the low-energy level produced by bacteria for feeding electrochemical sensors (such as Redox, Ph and so on…).

In that occasion Mrs. Cristiani, coordinator of the project, had the pleasure to summarize the benchmarks experimented from  “Nosedo Milano Est ” depurator, with great satisfaction of all participants and partners.



In partnership with:




Let’s Trieste give you a measure of life.

Jul 13, 2015 

From Sunday 13 to Thursday, Sept. 17, Amel will participate at Analytical 2015, the 25th Congress of the Division of the Italian Chemical Society (SCI).

The event, scheduled at the University of Trieste, will be divided into several sessions designed to highlight the main areas of research in analytical chemistry.

with this purpose, AMEL will present the brand new Mod. 4330 polarographic traces analyzer and the new line of 2550, 2551 and 2553 potentiostats with related software specifically designed for the needs of researchers in the field of electrochemical.

The new 4330 has been created taking care of the new regulations about the use of Mercury during a laboratory analysis. The model can indeed work with solid electrodes without any mercury usage, while, just in the case of polarographic analysis specifically demanding that substance, was created a special electrode that minimizes such an expenditure.

The software tool is easy to use and is designed to meet both the needs of speed of analysis for operators conducting routine operations, both for researchers who wish to have a broad range of methods and a maximum flexibility in parameter setting.

Presentation and public display of the new prototypes will be guaranteed for the duration of the congress. Our operators will also be available in demonstration trials and sampling.

Admission to the conference is reserved for industry professionals who can participate freely and ask Amel for special and “on demand” analysis demonstration.

Let’s meet in Trieste, a nice gem of the Adriatic sea.

New Video Tutorials for Amel 4330

Jun 20, 2012 

Amel is proud to annunce a brand new video tutorials page inside the “support” section of this site. Today we have inserted a new instruction video series for Amel 4330 Trace Analyser, in oder to give you a better info about how to start, set-up, begin and manage a complete analysis, and finally how to clean and storage the device after usage. All the video tutorials are available both in English than in Italian. Also they are stored on YouTube web site for a better sharing. Open and discover our brand new video section inside the support menu.

Please, let us know if you appreciate our new service: your feedback is paramount important for us.

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