2547 - Galvanostat for electrolysis

Better quality, improved performance

2547 photoThe introduction of the AMEL Model 2547 Galvanostat completes the new line of AMEL 2000 series in struments.  The Model 2547 Galvanostat was designed to perform electrogravimetric analysis for the determination of metal content in solution. The instrument is equipped with two displays to monitor the power and potential of the cell.

A third display is used to measure the time of polarization of the cell. The counter electrode at the center can run up to a maximum of 100 revolutions per minute to provide the required stirring to maintain a highly uniform metal deposition on the platinum gauze cathode. Thanks to the specific electronic circuitry, the current set remains constant, even with changes of the conductivity of the solution. The circuits are designed to work continuously and are well-protected against short circuits. The cabinet is ruggedly constructed of epoxy-painted steel and a polycarbonate film panel.

Main features:

  • ±10V ±2,00A (continuous)

  • Fully protected

  • Timer for deposition 9999h 59m59s

Accessories included in the supply:

    Output voltage ±10V
    Output current ±2,00A (continuous)
    Output current (peak) ±2,20A
    Potential resolution  10 mV
    Working mode  GALVANOSTAT
    (with respect to the line)  100 µV (variation 10%)
    (with respect to temperature)  10 µV/°C
    (with respect to operation time) 100 µV/week
  •  Internal lithium battery, 8 years
    Duration  9999 h 59 m 59 s
    Reset  Manual on front display
    Working temperature  0...45°C
    Relative humidity  0...90% RH without condensation
    VISUALIZATION:  3 1/2 digit display
    WEIGHT AND DIMENSIONS: 300 x 400 x 360mm (LxWxD), 9.4kg
    POWER SUPPLY:  105-240Vca, 40-60Hz, 25VA
    METALS DETERMINED: Ag+, Bi3+, Cd2+, Cu2+, Mn2+, Ni2+, Pb2+, Zn2+

Accessories and replacement parts:

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