346 - Multiparametric Probe

The Leading Instrument for Quality Water Survey

  • 346 Multiparametric ProbeBattery-powered with long autonomy
  • Suitable for fresh waters, sea water and wastes
  • Internal data-logger with PC interface
  • Probe tested at 200mt depth
  • 12 parameters with real-time display

Model 346 Aquamaster has been specifically designed for the measure of the most important electrochemical parameters of a water. It allows the continuous monitoring of wells, basins, and all the other check points relevant for the quality of a water.

The system allows long-distance data transmission so that the continuous monitoring can be operated from remote laboratories or control rooms even with long periods data collection.

The probe diameter is 48 mm, so it can be easily used in artesian wells while the included sensor are easily replaceable. The body is made of Stainless Steel, so the probe is suitable also for the use in sea water and wastewater. The probe can be immersed down to 200 m depth.

The datalogger is included into a sealed housing (IP56 protection degree), together with the rechargeable battery. A GSM modem or a radiotransmitting device can be installed in the same housing. Should the power supply not be available at the point of installation, the instrument can be powered through a solar collector.

A specifically designed program allows to control many Aquamaster monitoring points through a PC. Data are collected and stored on a continuous basis or at programmed intervals and are stored on disk so that they are available to be processed.

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Technical Specifications:

Parameter Measuring Range Resolution Accuracy
pH 0-14 units 0.01 units ±0.2 units
REDOX -2V +2V 1mV ±10mV
D.O. 0-20ppm 0.01ppm ±0.02ppm
0-200%sat 0.1%sat ±1%sat
0-200µS 0.1µS ±0.1µS
0-2mS 1µS ±10µS
0-20mS 10µS ±100µS
0-200mS 100µS ±1mS
Salinity 0-100ppt 0.1ppt ±0.2ppt
-10 +50°C 0.1°C ±3°C ±1°C
0 +200°F 0.1°F ±5°F ±2°F
-10 +50°C 0.1°C ±3°C ±1°C
0 +200°F 0.1°F ±5°F ±2°F
0 2000mbar 1mbar ±10mbar
0 2000mmHg 1mmHg ±10mmHg
Depth 0-200mt 1cm ±5cm
0-1000feet 1inch ±2inches
0-200mt 1cm ±5cm
0-1000feet 1inch ±2inches
Turbidity 0-200NTU 1NTU ±5NTU
Date dd,mm,yy 1day -
Time hh,mm,ss 1sec ±30sec/month
Battery Voltage 0-20V 0.1V ±100mV

Further Details:

  • Battery Lead-acid, gel-type, sealed rechargeable 12V, 3A/h
  • Autonomy 1 month (at one reading per hour)
  • Battery charger internal, 16-24Vac-dc; 50-60Hz 15VA
  • Interface RS-232C, modem 19200 baud
  • Memory 256kbytes RAM FLASH, equivalent to about 500 reading of all parameters.
  • Reading all data on the LCD display are refreshed every 2 seconds
  • Data logger 346/SU programmable for a complete reading of all parameters every 60 seconds until 24 hours (with one second of increment)
  • Applications natural water, fresh water, drinking waters, sea water, waste waters (clear), from -10 to +50 °C.
  • Max depth 200 mt
  • Surface unit water resistant IP56 300x250x160mm, weight 3Kg ca
  • Probe 316 SS dimensions: ®48mm, length 600mm, weight 3Kg ca (mod.346/P-48)
    ®90mm, length 440mm, weight 6Kg ca (mod.346/P-90)supplied c/w standard reinforced cable, 10 m length, (max available length 200m)

Accessories included in the supply:

Mod.346 AQUAMASTER is a kit including Control Unit and Immersion Probe, complete with all the measuring sensors, cells and electrodes. When not otherwise specified the standard cable length is 10 m.

Accessories and replacement parts:

Model Description Photo
346/TU Turbidity Meter 346TU
201/SSG/6X Glass Electrode for pH 201-SGG-6X
363/SSG/6X Reference Ag/agCl Electrode 363-SSG-6X
805/SPG/6X Platinum Electrode 805-SPG-6X
192/1/6X Conductometric Cell K=1 192-6X
346/PX D.O. Cell (lead electrode) 346PX
346/MR Optional Stirring Motor
332/MX Spare cartridge for D.O. Cell
332/SX Refilling solution for D.O. Cell
A206/3.85 Replacement Accumulator