HD8705 - Microprocessor Multiuse pHmeter

Water Treatment, Chemical and Food Industry, Nursery, Swimming-Pool, Galvanizing and more…

  • Measures pH, mV, and °C/°FF
  • Automatic and/or manual calibration
  • Absolute or relative measurements
  • Measure maximun and minimun
  • Automatic or manual temperature compensation
  • Auto-Power-Off
  • Hold function to block reading
  • High precision

The HD 8705 is a combined instrument for taking precise measurements of pH, mV and temperature in the laboratory, on the field and in industrial systems.

Various types of electrodes for pH may be connected to the BNC connector, electrodes for measuring the oxidoreduction potential (ORP) or ion specific electrodes (ISE). The temperature probes of the TP870 series are optional (TP870 for immersion, TP870C for contact, TP870A for air, TP870P for penetra-tion). In pH measurements the temperature probe automatically compensates the electrode temperature coefficient. If the temperature pro-be is not connected, manual compensation is automatically enabled (with the “up” A and “down” V keys).

Instrument Contol Legenda

  • HD8705Socket input A, BNC for connecting the pH, ORP or ISE electrode.
  • HOLD symbol.
  • UP symbol. Appears during calibration of the offset of the pH electrode.
  • MAX symbol. The value indicated on the display is the MAX value recorded at the input selected.
  • RCD symbol. Indicates that the instru-ment is memorizing the maximum and minimum values of the two inputs.
  • MIN symbol. The value indicated on the display is the MIN value recorded at the input selected.
  • HOLD key. Blocks the reading while internally the instrument continues up-dating data.
  • REC key. When this key is pressed the instrument is set to memorize che MAX and MIN values recorded by the probes connected to the two inputs.
  • REL key. When this key is pressed the relative measurement is taken with re-spect to the value in memory the mo-ment the REL key was pressed.
  • “T” Key for selecting readings in °C or °F.
  • PH key. Press this key to select mea-surement in pH.
  • “Up” key. During manual calibration it in-creases the value shown on the di-splay.
  • CAL key. When this key is pressed the instrument is set to calibrate the pH electrode. When pressed a second ti-me it conf irms the calibration.
  • Input B, 8-pole DIN connector for the temperature probe input.
  • Display.
  • °C symbol.
  • °F symbol.
  • pH symbol.
  • mV symbol.
  • B symbol. When it flashes it indicates that the AUTO-POWER-OFF function has been disabled.
  • REL symbol. The instrument is set for relative measurements.
  • On/Off Key for switching the instrument on or off.
  • DATA CALL. When this key is pressed the display recalls in sequence the MAX, MIN and updated (present) value of the input selected.
  • mV key. Press this key to select rea-dings in mV.
  • “down” key. During manual calibration it decreases the value shown on the di-splay.

Technical Specifications:

  • Measuring Ranges / Resolution: pH: -2.00... + 16.00/0.01 pH. mV: -1999... +1999/0.1 mV(=< ±199.9mV,1 mV/ >=±200mV). °C (°F): -50°C (-58°F) ... +200°C (392°F) / 0,1°C (0,1°F up to + 199.9° F,1 ° F oltre 200 ° F).
  • Instrument Precision:
    • pH ±0.015 pH.
    • mV: 0.1 % of reading + 0.15% full-scale
    • °C(°F): ±0.15°C(±0.27°F) ± probe tolerance.
  • Temperature Compensation: -50... 1 200°C (-58°F ... + 329°F) manual or automatic with TP 870.
  • Input Impedance: >10-12Ohm
  • Polarization Current: < 10-12 A pH, mV
  • Function: selectable °C/°F, V, Auto Power Off, Display, Hold, MIN/MAX recording, DATA CALL (MIN/MAX), relative measurements.
  • Display: LCD, figure height approx.12 mm.
  • Symbols on the display: °C, °F, pH, mV, RCD, MAX, MIN, REL, HOLD, A, B, OL, (Overload), Err x (error signal x).
  • Working Temperature: -5... +50°C(23°F...122°F).
  • Power Supply: 9V battery, autonomy approx. 150 hours with an alkaline battery. The B symbol on the display indicates low battery charge.
  • Dimensions: 187x72x38mm
  • Weight: approx.300 gr
  • Supply:
    • HD 8705 instrument only.
    • HD8705K instrument, 2 buffer solutions, TP 870 temperature probe (for immersion), carrying case.
    • HD8705KE instrument, 2 buffer solutions, TP 870 temperature probe, epoxy electrode and carrying case.
  • Optional: arrangement for serial output RS 232C. AD RS232C connecting cable from SUB D female 9-pole to SUB D female 25-pole complete with electronics for serial output RS232C .

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