596 - Polarisation Cell for Corrosion Testing

Particularly suited for testing on metallic fragments on cylinders molten in resin.

596Cell 596 fulfills recommendations of A.S.T.M. designation G5-69(964).

The cell consists of a glass container with 6 ground-glass joints. The specimen is mounted on a special sample-holder through the central neck.

Two large anodic compartments, terminated by frited-glass disk, accept platinum counterelectrodes, keeping separated the related reaction or gas development.

A Luggin capillary, coupling the reference electrode, can be set at the shortest distance from specimen, thus minimizing iR drop. Flat bottom allows stirring while electrolyte circulation can be made through inlet-outlet.

Part List of Model 596

Code Description Photo
596/AC Anodic compartment, dia. 24mm 596ac
596/CH Stainless-steel cell holder 596-CH
596/GB Two-ways gas bubbler 596-GB
596/INOU Optional inlet-outlet 596INOU
596/LU Special Luggin capillary 596-LU
596/LUC Clamper for Luggin capillary 596-LUC
596/MB Main container, one liter 596-MB
596/SH composite sample holder 596-SH
596/SHOR Replacement O-RING
596/TH/100 0°C to + 100°C thermometer
596/EA Spare counter electrode holder

Model 596 Cell is normally quoted with two pieces of each 596/AC, 596/LU, 596/SH and two Model 805/SPG/12J platinum ring electrodes.

Connection example


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