597 - Polarisation Cell for Disks of Flat Specimens

Suited for measurements on plated specimens in unstirred solutions. Fitted with gas bubbler.

597The upper cap is fitted with 4 ground joints for electrodes or accessories.

Disks or flat specimens are locked between main body and a “matching section” the purpose of which is to determine the area of specimen under attack.

Tight-ness is granted by calibrated O-RINGS.

Counter electrode is introduced into central neck to face the specimen, while a Luggin capillary couples the reference electrode at the shortest distance from the specimen.

Gas bubbling or electrolyte circulation is available through inlet-outlet.

Part List of Model 597

Model Description Photo
597/1 Upper cap with 4 ground joints
597/MB Main body, acrylic resin 597-MB
597/SH-2 Matching section 2 cm2 597-SH2-4-20
597/SH-4 Matching section 4 cm2
597/SH-20 Matching section 20 cm2
597/4 Lower capi, acrylic resin
597/SH Sample holder
597/CH Stainless steel cell holder
494/GB Two-ways gas bubbler 494GB
597/INOU Optional inlet-outlet
597/LU Special Luggin capillary 597LU

Model 597 Cell is normally quoted with one matching section.

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