599 - Polarisation Cell for Disks or Flat Specimens

599Suited for measurements on coated specimens in flowing or stirred solutions.

The design of this cell allows the solution to be vigorously stirred under the sample with the purpose to remove diffusion layer in research concerned with coated or painted samples.

Main body is a large glass container on which a cap with 4 ground joints is situated.

The sample holder is a large cylinder of acrylic resin with a screwable cap retaining the specimen through a calibrated O-RING which determines the exposed area.

Two Model 805/SPG/12J platinum electrodes grant enough field symmetry.

A Luggin capillary couples the reference electrode at the shortest distance. Replacement of specimen does not require exhausting of the cell. The Model 291/MAST stirrer is placed at middle bottom of the container thus granting reproducible stirring.

Part List of Model 599

Model Description Photograph
599/MB Main glass container, dia 150 mm 599MB
599/MR Upper cap – 4 ground joints 599MR
599/SH2 Matching Section 2 cm2 599SH
599/SH4 Matching Section 4 cm2
599/SH20 Matching Section 20 cm2
599/LU Special Luggin capillary 599LU
599/INOU Optional inlet – outlet
494/GB two-way gas bubbler 494GB
Model 599 cell is normally quoted with one screwable cap.
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