2335 - Precision Digital pHmeter

The ultimate hi-resolution pH-meter

2335The AMEL Model 2335 Digital pH Meter offers a new dimension to the quality, accuracy, and reliability normally associated with instruments produced by AMEL.

The newly developed microprocessor offers quality features such as:

  1. Simplicity of use
  2. High level of flexibility
  3. Unrivalled performance
  4. Exceptional price to performance ratio

The Model 2335 offers high performance in any application, whether it be precise laboratory use, routine measurements in various industrial fields, or in education.

The large display provides the user with total control of all parameters, and the intuitive keyboard permits rapid calibration checks when following the step by step instructions given in the menu.

Usb connection is provided for printing results and software control.

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Technical Specifications:

Parameters Range Resolution Accuracy
pH -2,000/+16,000 pH  0.001 pH +3 digit  0,005 pH
mV -2000,00/+2000,00 mV 0,1 mV +2 digit 0,2 mV
Current -2,0000/+2,0000 mA 0,1 µA 0,5% f/s
Temp. -20,00/+120,00 °C 0,001 °C 0,2°C depending
on PT1000 class
Input Impedance 1012 ohm
Bias Current < 2 pA (@ 25 °C)
Temp. Sensor PT-1000
Temp. Range -20/ +120 °C
Command and Interface
Display and Keyboard 2 x 20 characters backlight LCD (large size) 8-keys keyboard
Calibration Menu Microprocessor based system with step-through menu
Communication Interface USB 1.0 (com-port simulation)
Power Supply and Size 
Voltage Mains Universal input mains (100-240 Vac 50/60 Hz)
Power Consumtion 50 W max
Size and Weight 220 x 210 x 120 mm (L x W x H) Kg 1.8

The instrument can be modified in order to operate as Null Resistance Ammeter with two current range.

Current Range Resolution Accuracy
Null Resistance +/- 2,0000 mA 0,1 µA 0,5% f/s
Ammeter +/- 20,000 mA 1 µA 0,5% f/s