SE - Solid Electrodes Series

Miscellanea Tips

Model Descritpion
493 493 Universal electrode holder for all tips
492 492
492/GC/3 Glassy carbon tip 3mm dia
492/PG/3 Pyrolitic graphite tip 3mm dia
492/CU/3 Copper tip 3mm dia
492/CU/2 Copper tip 2mm dia
492/AG/1 Silver tip 1mm dia
492/AG/3 Silver tip 3mm dia
492/PT/1 Platinum tip 1mm dia
492/PT/2 Platinum tip 2mm dia
492/PT/3 Platinum tip 3mm dia
492/GO/1 Gold tip 1mm dia
492/GO/2 Gold tip 2mm dia
492/NI/3 Nickel tip 3mm dia
492/NI/6 Nickel tip 6mm dia
492/TI/3 Titanium tip 3mm dia
492/TI/6 Titanium tip 6mm dia
492/SP Special tips upon request
492/OR-2007 Replacement O-Ring for all tips

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