Digital Precision Conducivity Meter

Oct 13, 2011 

New Performances with improved features

2131The new digital conductivity meter from AMEL Mod. 2131 is born to bring the precision and reliability typical of all AMEL instruments since 40 years, to a whole new level of flexibility and quality. Using the full power of its microprocessor core, the instrument tunes the measuring method according to the electrode’s need up to an unrivalled precision and stability.

Differently from other systems in the market, the 2131 runs continuously, allowing fast and precise measurements of flowing liquids or rapid evolving items during a process, with real-time accuracy. A high speed USB interface lets the user taking full advantage of this accurate data stream for the most demanding applications.

Specifically suited for everyday use, the 2131 exhibits a large display, a sturdy yet sensitive keyboard and a splash proof surface that , together with a high quality aluminium case, makes the conductivity meter from AMEL an indestructible workhorse.

The high level of automation and the friendliness of many advanced functions make this unit an ideal mate for research labs, industrial analysis and quality control groups. The USB interface, an interchangeable high quality universal power supply and an integral electrode stand complete the features’ list of an instrument that satisfy the rising level of expectations of the most demanding customers.

Try it today and leave the past at your back.