Potentiostat / Galvanostat

Oct 11, 2011 

Hi-Power performances to explore new fields

7060 master unit and slave

7060 master unit and slave

Electrochemical laboratories have an increasing need forhigh currents instruments: batteries, fuel cells and other energy-related studies are on the leading edge of today’s research.
AMEL has 40-years of experience in high power potentiostatsand has always offered state of the art instruments by strictly following the electronic field advances.

The Model 7060 is a powerful potentiostat available in two versions:

  • ±30 V – ±12A or
  • ±15V – ±25A

with all the features and advanced techniques available
at your fingertip.

Some parts of this new unit are specially addressed at energy-related studies in order tomaximise the usable range of the instrument.
The unique characteristic of the 7060 to drive up to three slave units 7061 up to a huge 30 V 48 A deliverable power makes this potentiostat unsurpassed forpower and flexibility.

The connection with our FRA model 7200 under the Zassist control software, opens, to the advanced research, a window on an unexplored world in high power EIS.
The presence of RS-232 and USB interfaces allow direct connection of the system to the computer; the Junior Assist and Battery Assist software will help you in programming experiments, testing sequences and long run cycling with plenty of flexibility on both driving waveforms and data acquisition.

Find today in the AMEL range the solution of tomorrow’s experiments!