Let’s Trieste give you a measure of life.

Jul 13, 2015 

From Sunday 13 to Thursday, Sept. 17, Amel will participate at Analytical 2015, the 25th Congress of the Division of the Italian Chemical Society (SCI).

The event, scheduled at the University of Trieste, will be divided into several sessions designed to highlight the main areas of research in analytical chemistry.

with this purpose, AMEL will present the brand new Mod. 4330 polarographic traces analyzer and the new line of 2550, 2551 and 2553 potentiostats with related software specifically designed for the needs of researchers in the field of electrochemical.

The new 4330 has been created taking care of the new regulations about the use of Mercury during a laboratory analysis. The model can indeed work with solid electrodes without any mercury usage, while, just in the case of polarographic analysis specifically demanding that substance, was created a special electrode that minimizes such an expenditure.

The software tool is easy to use and is designed to meet both the needs of speed of analysis for operators conducting routine operations, both for researchers who wish to have a broad range of methods and a maximum flexibility in parameter setting.

Presentation and public display of the new prototypes will be guaranteed for the duration of the congress. Our operators will also be available in demonstration trials and sampling.

Admission to the conference is reserved for industry professionals who can participate freely and ask Amel for special and “on demand” analysis demonstration.

Let’s meet in Trieste, a nice gem of the Adriatic sea.

Trace Analyser

Oct 12, 2011 

“Plug and Play” Polarographic Analyser

433Trace analysis have never been important than today where detection of heavy metals and other pollutant compounds requires a continuos surveillance in many samples like water, food, beverages etc. For the first time a high performance static mercury drop electrode and a COMPLETE COMPUTERISED TRACE ANALYSER have been put together in a single, compact enclosure to produce the most sophisticated instrument never conceived for polarographic and voltammetric research and applications.

The Model 433-A is a really complete unit requiring no external accessories to be put in work: just connect it to any personal computer and you are up and ready for your analysis.

The instrument in fact is supplied with a Windows© software without any price increase.

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