Electrochemistry Interface

Oct 12, 2011 

High-speed arbitrary Waveform Generator and Digitaliser

7805It is hard to observe new things without the right tool for exploration. Electrochemical techniques have advanced significantly since the first cyclic voltammetry was performed. Each time a new field was faced by the scientist, the need for more specialized equipment was apparent.

At AMEL, we have always listened carefully to customer requests and translated them into practical solutions. Therefore, it is not surprising that we have introduced this high speed interface for the most demanding of tests, with microsecond capability and multiple features for optimal flexibility.

The 7805 can interface easily with any potentiostat through analog connections, but offers the best performance in conjunction with the AMEL 7000 series, integrating flawlessly with the Junior Assist suite of software.

This unit is so powerful and so easy to manage, with the arbitrary waveform graphical editor, which lets the user visualize what the experiment will be, coupled with an easy digitiser interface to see the results .