Potentiometric Stripping Analyser

Sep 21, 2011 

Potentiometric Stripping Analyser – High Sensitivity Tracescan

2435Model 2435 includes in a compact cabinet a the control unit, the cell system and an automatic burette.
The control unit is a high precision current source to control the mercury layer formation at the working electrode surface, a fast high impedance electrometer to read the Potential variations at the reference electrode, a high-speed 12-bit A/D converter to sample the analog potential signal and to convert it into numeric data a microprocessor control unit providing the general management and the proper interface for external Personal Computer.
The top section of the cell is provided with five standard NS6 conical holes for Reference, Counter, and Working electrodes, an optional pH electrode (sometime required to check the solution pH before starting the analysis) and the injection port for both the sample and standard additions. A standard NS 12 conical hole is provided for the propeller stirrer. The stand allows to use standard polarographic cells (both Pyrex or Teflon®). The purging system is built-in with provision for both direct bubbling into the solution and surface blanketing: the switching between stand and control unit is accomplished automatically under microprocessor control.
The automatic burette is composes by a 1000ml glass syringe fitted with a 3-ways valve and motor of 48000 step. The burette allows automatic adds of minimum 50ml of sample with a precision of +0.02ul.