Potentiostat Galvanostat

Jul 20, 2015 

2550, 2551, 2553The new 255X series has been designed by Amel, using our 50-years-old experience, to rise and redefine the standards in the electrochemistry world. Reliability and performance make this new family of instruments the perfect choice for the most demanding application in the electrochemical research:

  • biochemical samples
  • analytical studies
  • corrosion tests
  • battery testing

All models ( 2550, 2551, 2553 ) offer several new features which makes it very attractive for high research laboratories: positive feedback control, fast transient response, current auto-ranging or manually, iR compensation, current mode interrupt.

A powerful managing software is delivered with any instrument, and an optional build-in frequency response analyzer provide fully integrated DC and EIS analysis in the range from 10µHz to 1MHz.

Detection AD amperometric detection
PD potentiometric detection
PAD pulsed amperometric detection,
DSA double step amperometry
DSV double step potentiometry
MSA multi-step amperometry
MSV multi-step potentiometry
Voltammetry CYV cyclic voltammetry
LSV linear scan voltammetry
ACV alternate current voltammetry
NPV normal pulse voltammetry
DNV differential normal pulse voltammetry
DPV differential pulse voltammetry
DAV differential alternate pulse voltammetry
SWV square wave voltammetry
GCY galvanic cyclic voltammetry
GLV galvanic linear scan voltammetry
Stripping ACS alternate current stripping
DPS differential pulse stripping
LSS linear scan stripping
SWS square wave stripping
DAS differential stripping
DNS normal differential pulse stripping
PSA potentiometric stripping analysis
CCSA constant current stripping analysis


Potentiostat-Galvanostat + Polarographic Analyzer

May 08, 2014 

A Brand new “one size fits all” tool

4330Pfoto433IU_sThe Polarographic Analyzer Model 4330/P combines two instruments for electrochemical trace analysis of heavy metals in organic compounds.
Thank to the electronic evolution AMEL have combines both voltammetric and polarographic techniques with Potentiometric ones (PSA Potentiometric stripping analysis)
In this way it is now possoible to select the most appropriate technique to carry out the analysis. With Model 4330/P you may perform analysis of heavy metals in organic compounds at μg/l. level. The instrument is supplied with Windows® software.

Potentiostat / Galvanostat

Oct 12, 2011 

Low Current, Low Noise.

2059Model 2059 is a low-cost Potentiostat / Galvanostat designed to satisfy the requirements of scientists working in fields of electrochemical cells measurements with low noise are necessary.

The 2059 offers several features making it very acctrative for high precision laboratory applications and well-suited for computer-controlled experiments. Among its many features implemented, this model offers a 4 1/2 digit LCD display for clear and accurate reading of both current and potentials, the option for a battery power supply to minimize noise and ground loop problem, and special current-offset circuitry for precise observation of low current deviations.

A microprocessor controlled current-range selectro with a fully AUTOMATIC function allows the instrument to search and adjust to the optimum curren range from 1 nA to 10 mA in few milliseconds. Continuous control of the IR drop can be accomplished by the POSITIVE-FEEDBACK iR compensation function.

Both current and potential values are continuously available on the front panel display along with all digital I/O for current ranges and cell control. This greatly simplifies the connection to a standard PC data acquisition board. The availability of specialized Windows driving software (AMEL “SOFTASSIST” PACKAGE) makes the model 2059 simple to install and easy to use even by non-specialists.

Research Potentiostat / Galvanostat

Oct 12, 2011 

Better quality, improved performances.

2053Model 2053 has been designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding users: its outstanding characteristics and reliability make this instrument an optimum choice for critical applications such as fast cyclic voltammetry, electrochemical impedance, transient analysis, etc.

Model 2053, along with the excellent reliability typical of all AMEL potentiostats for the past 30 years, offers also several new features making it very attractive for high-precision laboratory applications and well suited for computer-controlled experiments. Among the several features implemented, the Model 2053 can boast a 4 1/2-digit LCD display for clear and accurate reading of both current and potentials, a current-range switching by means of a key-switch array or with a fully AUTOMATIC function allowing the instrument to search and adjust itself for the optimum current range from 1µA to 1A in few milliseconds, a continuous control of the POSITIVE FEEDBACK allowing compensation for the iR drop signal. Both current and potential are permanently available as low-impedance replicas at the front-panel along with all digital I/O for current ranges and cell control, thus greatly simplifying the connection with a standard acquisition board to be fitted into a PC. Availability of specialized driving software for this application (ask for AMEL “SOFTASSIST” package) make the Model 2053 really simple to install and easy to use even by non-specialized operators. .

Potentiostat / Galvanostat

Oct 11, 2011 

A new standard for performances and flexibility.


click to enlarge picture

When designing a new instrument, it is important to have a high level of knowledge and creativity to be able to significantly increase performance, as well as a great deal of experience with scientist to be able to offer user friendly operation.

AMEL combined its 40 years of experience in Potentiostat design with the latest electronic technology to produce a Potentiostat-galvanostat that expands the standard measuring limits and simplifies the researcher’s task.

With a unique blend of power (up to 45V and 4A) and sensitivity (200 fA maximum resolution) the Model 7050 potentiostat-galvanostat accomplishes the most difficult tasks in electrochemistry today. All of the desired measuring techniques (cyclic voltammetry with current interrupt IR-compensation, and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy with an optional frequency response analyser) are available at your fingertips. Additional features include two full input range electrometers and temperature probe input, to allow the exploration of internal interfaces, electrode double layers, and thermoelectric potentials.

The instrument has an easy to operate front panel and full computer control through either an RS232 or USB interface. A windows-based software is included for managing multiple runs and complex experimental sequences. Take advantage of these new developments today!

Potentiostat / Galvanostat

Oct 11, 2011 

Hi-Power performances to explore new fields

7060 master unit and slave

7060 master unit and slave

Electrochemical laboratories have an increasing need forhigh currents instruments: batteries, fuel cells and other energy-related studies are on the leading edge of today’s research.
AMEL has 40-years of experience in high power potentiostatsand has always offered state of the art instruments by strictly following the electronic field advances.

The Model 7060 is a powerful potentiostat available in two versions:

  • ±30 V – ±12A or
  • ±15V – ±25A

with all the features and advanced techniques available
at your fingertip.

Some parts of this new unit are specially addressed at energy-related studies in order tomaximise the usable range of the instrument.
The unique characteristic of the 7060 to drive up to three slave units 7061 up to a huge 30 V 48 A deliverable power makes this potentiostat unsurpassed forpower and flexibility.

The connection with our FRA model 7200 under the Zassist control software, opens, to the advanced research, a window on an unexplored world in high power EIS.
The presence of RS-232 and USB interfaces allow direct connection of the system to the computer; the Junior Assist and Battery Assist software will help you in programming experiments, testing sequences and long run cycling with plenty of flexibility on both driving waveforms and data acquisition.

Find today in the AMEL range the solution of tomorrow’s experiments!


Sep 29, 2011 
brand new 2549

2549: Price and Performance

Performative, flexible and affordable !

The AMEL Model 2549 comes out to complete the new line of AMEL potentiostats.

This Potentiostat has been conceived to give a good compromise in price and application, allowing to  perform both simple test and classical electrochemical measurements.

Model 2549 is supplied complete with AMELSCOPE software that allows to perform static techniques:  potentiostatic, galvanostatic, chrono amperometry  chrono potentiometry, chrono coulometry, OCV.

An additional software Voltascope  (to be purchased separately) allows also dynamic techniques: voltammetry, linear scan, tafel, RP and staircase..

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