Dec 24, 2011 

The perfect companion for Amel Potentiostats

Juniorassist screenshotJuniorassist is the highly modular electrochemical experiments management software to be used with the 7000 and 2000 series (with Model 7800) potentiostats from AMEL.
The data are acquired and displayed in real-time up to 100 sample/s.

Download for Model 7050 (11704 kB)

Download for Model 7060 (11596 kB)

Download 7800 interface for Model 2049 (10536 kB)

Download 7800 interface for Model 2055 (10684 kB)

Download 7800 interface for Model 2059 (10420 kB)

VA-Peak Software

Nov 12, 2011 

A multipurpose, versatile Voltammetric software for the analytical chemist

VA-peak_video1VA_peak is our software package designed for the new Amel4330 voltammetric analyzer.  Older  electroanalytical instruments (Amel 433) with USB/RS232 interface are supported. Especially designed by analytical chemists for analysts and chemists, VA_peak is the ideal solution for both routine and research work, combining ease-of-use with the most advanced analytical features :

  • All electrochemical (voltammetric, potentiometric, amperometric) techniques
  • Phase-selective, lock-in detection for ac voltammetry
  • pH and temperature measurement directly in the cell
  • Manual and Automatic modes of operation
  • Integrated data processing and analysis
  • Automatic peak / sigmoid and height / area detection
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Background subtraction
  • Linear and non-linear baselines
  • Advanced data treatment (math, integration/differentiation, spike removal, digital LP,BP,HP filters, smoothing functions)
  • Full control of external accessories (rotating disk electrodes, flow pumps, dispensers, etc.)
  • Data import from instruments of different company
  • All kind of electrodes allocated on a unique stand.

All features are already built-in; no external or optional modules are required for full operations!

VA-Peak_video2VA_peak is a brand new product and  is free of charge for registered Amel users. It is fully Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7 compatible; Linux and MacOS versions are under development.  Additional releases will be uploaded  and are available for registered customers.