Frequency Response Analysis

Feb 03, 2018 

2700Why do we have developed 2700 Z-Pulse for electrochemical studies ?

Because the synergic combination, in a single instrument, of impedance spectroscopy (“Z”) with programmable, high-speed pulse and waveform generation (“pulse”) will open new and exciting possibility in electrochemistry.

Everything can be done with 2700/Z-Pulse and few mouse clicks: from battery characterization under real environmental conditions to complex pulse sequences for thin-film formation, from impedance spectra under potentiostatic or galvanostatic regime to fast voltammetry.

The new 2700 module with Z-Pulse software from AMEL connects  with the 255X series of AMEL Potentiostats as well as with most manual instruments.

Z-Pulse software is a very simple and friendly approach to modern electrochemistry. In fact, the 5-MHz sampling frequency will allow μs time resolution in pulse sequences and sinewave FRA up to 1 MHz.

All data can be saved in CVS format for further use.

Frequency Response Analyser

Sep 26, 2011 

7200 Frequency Response AnalyserOpen the door to a deeper knowledge of your samples

A modern electrochemical laboratory is facing very different situations and tasks. The Impedance Spectroscopy technique greatly expands the application range of electrochemical measures and helps in defining the dynamical behaviour of reactions as well as identifying the relative contribution of two or more concurrent phenomena.

The AMEL 7200 Frequency Response Analyser covers all the features needed in the field and constitutes, together with our new or old potentiostats, a powerful setup at a very reasonable price.
With a wide frequency coverage (1mHz – 2 MHz) and accuracy (up to 0.1% amplitude, 0.05deg) the 7200 FRA accomplishes the most difficult tasks in electrochemistry today in electrochemistry today. The instrument is easily controlled through a windows-based software that is supplied with the instrument, and allows the managing of multiple runs and complex experimental sequences.