From Amel to ZPulse

Feb 03, 2018 

AMEL has developed is own Frequency Responce Analyser, the brand new Z-PULSE model 2700.

Z-PULSE, connected to potentiostat of 255 line enhances perfromance of our poteniostat allowing new applications:

Battery and Materials Testing
• Investigation and characterization of supercapacitors and rechargeable batteries.
• Corrosion studies.
• Development of high-performance metal films.
• Characterization of semiconducting materials.
• Quality control in material and electronic industry.

• Characterization of biosensors and active molecular sites.
• Energy storage and electrochemical conversion.
• Basic electrochemistry of rechargeable batteries.
• Corrosion and corrosion protection.

Frequency Response Analysis

Feb 03, 2018 

2700Why do we have developed 2700 Z-Pulse for electrochemical studies ?

Because the synergic combination, in a single instrument, of impedance spectroscopy (“Z”) with programmable, high-speed pulse and waveform generation (“pulse”) will open new and exciting possibility in electrochemistry.

Everything can be done with 2700/Z-Pulse and few mouse clicks: from battery characterization under real environmental conditions to complex pulse sequences for thin-film formation, from impedance spectra under potentiostatic or galvanostatic regime to fast voltammetry.

The new 2700 module with Z-Pulse software from AMEL connects  with the 255X series of AMEL Potentiostats as well as with most manual instruments.

Z-Pulse software is a very simple and friendly approach to modern electrochemistry. In fact, the 5-MHz sampling frequency will allow μs time resolution in pulse sequences and sinewave FRA up to 1 MHz.

All data can be saved in CVS format for further use.