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Bundle System - ThinCorr

thincorrThinCorr: think local, be versatile

In many metal corruption analysis scenarios, extracting small samples of material from large components and bringing to the laboratory is simply impossible. In such situations measurements on site become the only option. Since the advent of very precise miniaturized electrochemical cells, Amel has developed his own on-site system, called ThinCorr, designed to get the same performance of a complete laboratory set, wherever you need.

A unique bundle for a double convenience

ThinCorr includes a miniaturized cell – EC Minicell – designed to perform localized electrochemical investigations on surface areas of the order of mm2. thincorrThe test component is the 2556 Amel Portable Potentiostat, designed on purpose to pair the EC MiniCell features.

Nice ’n easy to work with

The miniaturized cell has been designed in a way that the electrolyte can flow in proximity of the working electrode, avoiding concentration gradients and the corresponding polarizations. Within the body of the EC Minicell there are channels that allow the flow of the electrolyte and that contain a counter electrode and a reference electrode. At the nozzle of the cell there is a gasket that delimits the area of the working electrode, when the EC Minicell is pressed against a metallic surface. ThinCorr system is driven by a proprietary software via personal laptop.

Performance you’ll simply adore

  • EC Minicell is a miniaturized, resistant, handy, and complete electrochemical cell suitable for localized electrochemical measurements.
  • Measurements are carried out with the electrolytic solution flowing from the reservoir to the WE and then back to the reservoir in a closed circuit loop. Fluid flow favors the removal of reaction products from the WE region.
  • There are not specific constraints on the types of electrochemical tests that can be performed, e.g. cyclic voltammetry, coulometry, and localized electrodeposition, thanks to the 2556 dedicated Potentiostat.
  • ThinCorr is a handy, trustable and versatile instrument for a variety of electrochemical measurements.


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