VA-Peak - VA-Peak Software

A multipurpose, versatile Voltammetric software for the analytical chemist

VA-peak_video1VA_peak is our software package designed for the new Amel4330 voltammetric analyzer.  Older  electroanalytical instruments (Amel 433) with USB/RS232 interface are supported. Especially designed by analytical chemists for analysts and chemists, VA_peak is the ideal solution for both routine and research work, combining ease-of-use with the most advanced analytical features :

  • All electrochemical (voltammetric, potentiometric, amperometric) techniques
  • Phase-selective, lock-in detection for ac voltammetry
  • pH and temperature measurement directly in the cell
  • Manual and Automatic modes of operation
  • Integrated data processing and analysis
  • Automatic peak / sigmoid and height / area detection
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Background subtraction
  • Linear and non-linear baselines
  • Advanced data treatment (math, integration/differentiation, spike removal, digital LP,BP,HP filters, smoothing functions)
  • Full control of external accessories (rotating disk electrodes, flow pumps, dispensers, etc.)
  • Data import from instruments of different company
  • All kind of electrodes allocated on a unique stand.

All features are already built-in; no external or optional modules are required for full operations!

VA-Peak_video2VA_peak is a brand new product and  is free of charge for registered Amel users. It is fully Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7 compatible; Linux and MacOS versions are under development.  Additional releases will be uploaded  and are available for registered customers.

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